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  • All The Earth - a study comparing the language of the Abrahamic Covenant with the Great Commission and its fulfillment in Revelation. (1-page PDF document - See bottom of page to get Adobe Acrobat for viewing this.)
  • How to Pray for the world a brief survey of the teachings of Jesus and Paul
  • Why Must Christians Preach the Gospel? Scriptures outlining the lost state of mankind.
  • Motivations for Mission: Seven Biblical Bases for World Mission Web Version (html) | Brochure Version (pdf)
  • Laborers: Analysis of Matt. 9 and the Missionary force needed


  • Recommended Mission Resources for Your Church
  • Prepared for the Great Commission 5-page sermon showing how Jesus prepared His disciples to preach the Gospel to all the world and how He has likewise prepared us!
  • Finding your place in this world: 4 roles.
  • How to Lead a Concert of Prayer
  • Avenues of Involvement in Mission (101 ways to participate in world mission) Click Here for PDF version of "Avenues" as a 1-page brochure.
  • How to Get involved in Missions By G.P.
  • Roles in World Mission--where do you fit?
  • Satan's Undoing A 10-minute Skit about about the role of prayer in missions - performed as a one-man drama by Josh Wilson.
  • World Christian Support Groups: A model for developing World Mission Vision & Action
  • Why Campus Revivals Spark Missionary Advance By J. Edwin Orr
  • The Funnel - a Strategic paradigm for Mission Mobilization
  • DATABASE of information for church mission emphasis leaders - an organized collection of resources reviewed in the Mission Mobilizer's E-zine between March 1995 and June 1998.
  • How do you lend to the poor? Check out The TentMaker Project's Micro Enterprise Development Through the Church

  • Geographic Timeline of the first 1500 years of Christian Mission (2-page PDF document)
  • Missionaries of the Early Church 13 Centuries of Christian missionary work with brief biographical sketches and maps
  • One-page history chart of Modern Mission (PDF document)
  • Second Era Expansion of Modern Christianity Pioneers on the growing edges of Christianity from the Mid 1800's to the mid 1900's - 2 pages of lecture notes by Nate.
  • The Westminster Standards on Missions 2 pages of relevant quotes from the confession and larger catechism
  • State of the World The Status of World Religions and Christian Missions at the outset of the 21st Century - 1 page.

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    • June 2014 That's What Arrows Are For, Answers to Prayer, Kid's Corner: Grace Anne
    • September 2014 I Will Tell Of All Your Wonders, Kid's Corner: Irene
    • December 2014 Planning for the Future: Christ the Redeemer Church, Kid's Corner: Lillian Faith, Prayer Corner
    • March 2015 Thanks for Praying; please keep it up; Hope's Kid's Corner
    • June 2015 How Did We Survive It All?, Ale's Kid's Corner
    • October 2015 War Room Briefing; Beni and Cru; Betsy's Kids Corner
    • December 2015 With Grateful Hearts, Jed's Kid's Corner, Prayer Corner
    • March 2016 Celebrating CTR Church's 10th Anniversary, Camput Ministry Update from Beni, South America Here We come, Kid's Corner: Maggie
    • June 2016 Uruguay Team, Josh's Kid's Corner, In Other News
    • August 2016 Special Events, Beni's Kid's Corner, Praise for God's Work in Uruguay, Prayer Corner
    • November 2016 Josh and Beni Hitched, Amos' Kid's Corner, Photos, Trinitarian Debate, Prayer Corner
    • February 2017 Vocational Counseling Through the Church?, Kid's Corner: Peter, Four New(ish) Music Albums, Prayer Corner
    • May 2017 Generations in the Church, New Kansan Celts CD, Kid's Corner:Grace Anne
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    Nate is the organizing pastor of Christ the Redeemer Church of Manhattan, Kansas

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