Finding your Place in this World: 4 Roles

~By Nate Wilson


1. Sender

Biblical Basis

–   “Koinonea” (Philippians 1:5; 2:25-30; 4:14-18)

–   Senders (Rom. 10:15; 3 John)

–   “Pray for me” (Col. 4:2-4)



–   Ensure the completion of the Great Commission

–   Send people out

–   Support the work on the field

–   “Whatever it takes”



–   Financial Support

•II Corinthians 9:6-7 Generous, Purposeful, Cheerful

•Leviticus 27:30/Malachi 3:7ff “Tithe” = the first 10% of earnings

•Luke 21:1-4  Widow’s mite - beyond 10%!

•II Corinthians 8:3  “beyond their ability” = Faith giving?

•I Corinthians 16:1-3  fund-raising in behalf of others

–    Encouragement

–    Prayer

–    Volunteer

–    Hospitality

–    Mission Committee

–    Special Projects

–    Church Pastor



–   Serving as Senders By Neil Pirolo

–   Magazines from mission agencies

–   Operation World (Prayer Encyclopedia for every country!)



2. Goer

Biblical Basis:

·        Paul: Rom. 15:20



–   Church Planting

–   Church Development/Education

–   Tentmaking

–   Relief & Development

–   Welcomer (Immigrants/ Students)



–   Cross-cultural skills (Linguistic and cultural adaptability)

–   Persevering faith

–   Relational skills - team player, not easily offended

–   Bible knowledge and church leadership experience

–   Christian character



–   Church or denomination’s training program

–   Tentmakers Speak (Hamilton, Regal Books)

–   Tentmakers International Exchange <>

–   International Students Incorporated <>

–   Equipping for Missions: A guide to Making Career Decisions (Dan Bacon, OMF)

–   Journey to the Nations (Hoke & Taylor)



3. Mobilizer

Biblical Basis: Prophets

–    Relay messages from God to God's people

–    Challenge them to conformity with His Word

–    Minister both in home culture and foreign culture



–    Call the church to obey the Great Commission

–    Information and inertia to overcome obstacles to reach the unreached


Historical Examples

–    John Mott - USA in 1800’s

–    Eric Liddel - Europe in 1900’s

–    Luis Bush - Christian world in 2000


Skills Required

–   Heart for the local church

–   Generalize global information

–   Contact management

–   Fund-raising



–   Run With The Vision By Bill & Amy Stearns

–   DualReach Mission Consulting training <>

–   Missions Catalyst E-Zine <>




4. Advocate

Definition: Advocates adopt another’s needs for fluent representation in a foreign realm.

–   They bring a people group before God in Intercession and before the body of Christ for expressions of compassion



–   Facilitation

–   Peacemaking

–   Bridging

–   Communicating

–   Supporting



–   Faith that God’s kingdom will come

–   Persistent - not discourageable

–   Ability to get people together

–   Trustworthy (security issues)

–   Resource-raiser

–   Ability to bridge two cultures

–   Travel

–   Goal-Oriented



–   Keys to the Nations (from Caleb Resources)

–   InterDev Training <>

–   Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions (Taylor: 1-800-MISSION)

–   PACE Training (

–   ADOPTION: a Practical Guide (Bruce Camp: 1-800-MISSION)

–   Adoption Guidance Program <>





Principles of Guidance

·         Identify where you are in the process and give yourself time to grow

·         God leads through experience, skills, and desires

·         Feelings and impressions should be confirmed by objective data, esp. the Bible

·         God directs in the context of community - get advice

·         Don’t limit yourself; let God show His strength through you

·         Approach the decision with an attitude of submission to God’s will

·         Chart out possibilities, roadblocks, and desired outcomes

·         You cannot steer a ship that’s not moving

·         Be faithful to the last thing God called you to do

·         If you are in fellowship with God you can’t go wrong



·         Experiencing God (Blackaby:Lifeway)

·         Is That Really You, God? (Cunningham: YWAM)

·         Church or Mission Internship programs


Isaiah 50:10:

Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of His servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord, and rely on his God.

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