Roles in World Mission

~By Nate Wilson

Sender (98%)

Empower Servicers and Missionaries with their God-given resources

Financial & Material Support-Equipment, money, education

Encouragement-Letter-Writing, Visits

Prayer-Individual, Corporate

Part-time Mobilization–Recruit go-ers , raise money, lead prayer

Hospitality–provide needs while in U.S.

Church Mission Committee–or World Christian Support Group!

Special Projects–prayer letter coordinator…

Church Pastor–key to the mission-mindedness of the church

Servicer (.5%)

Serve Missionaries and Senders in technical matters

Mobilization-Recruit go-ers , teach missions, lead prayer

Administrative/office-secretary, personnel director, accounting

Technical Support-Computers, mechanics, engineers, pilot

Training-seminary professors, training camps,

Communication/P.R.-radio , TV, video, magazines

Demographics-Research, Surveying, planning

Missionary (1.5%)

Take Gospel to those who need to hear it & Develop churches which will multiply themselves