Album cover picture. Nate & baby Josh on Swing. Photo by Leslie Wilson.


The Bible teaches that children are a “blessing” and a “treasure” from God. They are a sacred trust from God which parents and care-givers should nurture with utmost care. This album is a compilation of music I’ve composed for children, including special instrumental songs which I’ve composed for each of my own children, songs I’ve written as part of teaching children’s lessons at church, and lullabies which my wife and I sing regularly to our children. Unless otherwise noted, I composed, played, sang, and recorded all you hear. May this be a blessing to you as you invest your life in building up the next generation.

~Nate Wilson



Child of the Covenant (For Irene ©2000 N. Wilson)

(I created Track 1 entirely on my own computer using Sonic Foundry without picking up a single instrument. Track 19 was created in John Erickson’s studio with John playing a guitar track and engineering the whole thing. Thanks a million, John!)


Child of the covenant we claim you under the Name of God we name you

Jesus who is our peace maintain you under the covenant


We know that it does not save you and that it does not forgive you of sin

We know you've been set apart as holy by the Lord we believe in.


May God hold you in His covenant; Draw you back when you go astray

May He fill you with His grace & His peace as you live through every day


In the Name of the triune God, now the water is poured upon your brow

We enter into a solemn vow - you're a Child of the Covenant


We pledge to teach you our holy faith, anticipate the time you will know

That Jesus is more than just our Lord, but He also is your own.


Boy’s Song (©1995 Nate Wilson)

Shall we hunt outdoors for wild animals – Meander about with a cap gun?

Or shall we snuggle on the couch now, read what our latest hero has done?

We could tumble and wrestle on the floor – now you'll never get away!

Hey, you remember that takedown! … I wish we could play all day.

(I remember the time you blew your diaper out at CBC … When I caught you white-handed in the sugar jar … I remember playing with Ladybugs in the office-bedroom we shared … And all the rides we took together in the car.)


You sing lullabies to your brother; You blow me kisses when I'm blue;

You love to do laundry for mother; & snuggle close when discipline is through.

You listen closely as I read God's word; You sing the old hymns true;

You’ll make a mighty warrior for our Lord,

And I'm mighty glad He blessed me with you!


Where are you going, soldier? I would like to know.

Are the dragons in the bedroom why you're decked with sword, gun & bow?

I'm glad you're learning how to fight, with more than dragons on the revel

Learning Scripture and praying with might,

In the war against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

(I remember when you played your tape so much I made you wear earphones… When you took your first picture of me saying, "Put that camera down!"… I remember when you bravely grabbed your stick back from the jaws of the squirrel … And when we almost launched into orbit on the snowmobile!)


New Arrival

(Josh’s Instrumental, ©1992 Nate Wilson, Live recording engineer: Mark Miller)


Josh at Fountain. Photo by Nate Wilson.Be Ye Kind

(Text: Ephesians 4:32, Music: Nate Wilson ©1995, Banjo = Charlena Thomas, Children’s Choir = The Fritz, Hardin, and Wilson Kids.)


Be Ye Kind One to Another, Tenderhearted, forgiving one another,

Just as God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven you!


Jonah4/The Anger Song

(Choir = a bunch of Zellers & Wilsons. ©1999 Nate Wilson)


When Jonah preached in Nineveh, he was a great success

The people fasted and the king removed his royal dress

But Jonah wasn't happy--He wanted them destroyed!

When God looked down and blessed that town, then Jonah was annoyed!


STOP! Think about it! Will it really make things right?

Don't scream fuss or whine and pout, And don't put up a fight!

Just remember Jonah, Whose anger did him in

And when the anger boils inside, You must beware of sin.


Jonah stomped outside the gate and he began to pout,

And so God made a Kiki plant upon that spot to sprout.

The plant grew up and shaded Jonah, making him so glad

Next night a worm ate up that plant and he got very mad!


The sun beat down on Jonah; he fainted dead away.

When he came to, he prayed that God would take his life away.

Then God asked Jonah, "Is it right for you to fret and stew?"

Nineveh is what I love, and really so should you!


Garnet in the Rough (©1993 Nate Wilson)

Instrumental for Beni. The swishing noise in the background is Beni’s heartbeat before he was born.



Be Thankful

(Text adapted from Mark 4: 35-41 and I Thessalonians 5:18 ©1991 Nate Wilson, digital editing by Mark Miller)


One day, Jesus said, “Let's take a trip Upon the lake in a sailing ship.”

They jumped into a boat, & off they did float Jesus and His men were feeling fine!

Well after a little time went by, A bunch of big storm clouds filled the sky.

When the wind began to blow, the disciples didn't know If they would all survive or if they'd die.


God controls our circumstances. Just trust Him and He'll take care of you.

Be thankful in everything that happens, For this is what God wants you to do.


When Jesus said, “Hey, hush up and be still!”The storm clouds went away at His will.

Then to His men He said, “Why so full of dread? Don't you know that I control the sea?”

Jesus is Lord of storm and sea, And He is also Lord of you and me.

There’s nothing He can’t do; when you’re in a stew, Patiently obey, and He'll come through.


When things just aren't gong your way, And people have been mean to you all day.

Or when you are afraid and see the mess you've made, And your faith just seems to melt away

Our God has got your best interest in mind. Leave doubt, fear, and anger behind.

Let Him work out His plan; all safe in His hand, Meanwhile, tell the world of Jesus’ love!


* Daniel

(By Pat Terry. I learned this one off the radio, and it has always been a hit with kids.)


Well, it started all around about 539 BC.

A Jew named Daniel was brought into the presidency.

He was a very good man for a very good year, but a lot of his buddies though he got too much attention.

They held a little meeting and proceeded to fix his wagon, but their feet were dragging…


Well, they were thinking of ways that they could drag old Daniel down,

But Dan was so good, not a one fault could be found.

Then quick as a flash, a conspirator spoke, he said, “Daniel's a fanatic, so we'll get him with religion!”

They closed the little meeting and proceeded to rule out praying - with the king's OK…


Well, the news spread fast in a perfect press release.

It Said, “NO MORE PRAYING!” But Daniel stayed on His knees.

So they dragged him of to jail in a kneeling position, said, “I hope you stay for dinner!” Then they threw him to the lions,

But Daniel wasn't worried, said, “I'll see you once again in the morning.” He just stood there yawning…


Early in the morning when the sun came up, the king was feeling down.

He went to the lions den and went to the window, and what do you think he found?

Ol' Daniel was leading them lions in a hymn, they was clapping them big brown paws!

He said, “An angel of the Lord done arrived last night and He clamped them lion's jaws…

Well, the king was so excited that he wrote a new decree.

He said, “Listen all you people, won't you lend your ears to me:

 Ol' Daniel really showed me that his God was real, because we threw him to the lions and the lions didn't eat him!

I want you all to listen to what Dan's Lord is saying.” And ol' Daniel kept praying…


AMos, Josh, Irene, and Beni sharing a book. Photo by Paula Wilson.Parable of the Sower

(©1990 Nate Wilson)


A farmer went out to his field to sow, But as we all know:

Some seed fell upon a trail - Under the traveller’s foot, it was bound to fail.

Some seed fell on rocky ground; It withered when no water found.

Still others fell among some weeds, Which grew up and chocked those seeds.

And others fell upon good ground From them was a fruitful harvest found.


Mountain Girl

(Instrumental for Grace Anne – Born at 9,000 ft. above sea level!  ©2000 Nate Wilson)


Children of the Heavenly Father

(Traditional Swedish Melody, Words: Carolina Berg, Translation: E. Olson. Nate and Paula on vocals.)


Children of the Heavenly Father Safely to His bosom gather

Nestling bird nor star in heaven Such a refuge e’er was given

God His own doth tend and nourish; In His holy courts they flourish

From all evil things He spares them; In His mighty arms He bears them


Praise the Lord in joyful numbers, Your Protector never slumbers

At the will of your Defender, Every foeman must surrender


Though He giveth, though He taketh, God His children ne’er forsaketh

His the loving purpose solely To preserve them pure and holy


He Never Sleeps

(African-American Spiritual. Every morning at Camp New Pace, they used to wake us up by playing André Crouch’s arrangement of this song over the loudspeakers. Live recording engineer: Mark Miller)


He never sleeps, He never slumbers, He watches me both night and day

He never sleeps, He never slumbers, But one thing I know – He loves me so!


Rock of Righteousness

(Instrumental for Peter ©1997 Nate Wilson)


I Will Lie Down & Sleep

(Words from Psalms 3 & 4 Music by Nate Wilson ©1993, Live recording engineer: Mark Miller)


I will lie down and sleep, and I awaken again Because the Lord sustains me.

I lie down and sleep


I will lie down and sleep in peace, For You alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety,

I lie down and sleep.


Let the Sun Fall Over Sand Mountain ©1993 Nate Wilson

(a.k.a. “Parent’s Lullabye” I composed this the night Beni was born, as a lullabye to his brother Josh. Sand Mtn. is the next mountain west from where we lived at the time on Lookout Mtn., GA.)


Let the sun fall over Sand Mountain;

Let the night call all men to peace.

In my home find a child sweetly sleeping;

Let me from my labours to cease.


Jesus, Jesus, give your peace to me;

Jesus, oh Jesus, I will rest in Thee.


Peace of Christ

(Instrumental for Amos © 1994 Nate Wilson, Live recording engineer: Mark Miller)


The Wilson Family Today* The LORD Bless You & Keep You / Barocha

(By Michael Card ©1989 Birdwing Music. Arr. by Nate Wilson. Michael Card’s Lullabye albums have been a great blessing to our family!)


The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord make His face shine upon you

And give you peace… forever


The Lord be gracious to you

The lord turn His face toward you

And give you peace… forever.


Come O Sabbath Day

(This is a Jewish song we found in an old military hymnal. We sing it together as a family every evening before the Lord’s Day. John Erickson recorded us with Paula on the piano.)


Come O Sabbath Day and bring peace and healing on thy wing;

And to every troubled breast, speak of the divine behest:

Thou shalt rest, thou shalt rest!


Earthly longings bid retire – quench the passion’s hurtful fire;

To the wayward, sin-oppressed, bring thou thy divine behest:

Thou shalt rest, thou shalt rest!


Wipe from every cheek the tear. Banish care and silence fear.

All things working for the best, Teach us the divine behest:

Thou shalt rest, thou shalt rest!


Child of the Covenant (Recap) (For Irene ©2000 N. Wilson)

(Created in John Erickson’s studio with John playing a guitar track, Paula joining me on vocals, and me playing several synthesizers in addition to my guitar. John engineering the whole thing. Thanks a million, John!)


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