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List Compiled by Juan Guerra

GENERAL SITES (Information, opportunities, training, resources, guidance, etc.)

Sites to use as gateways (Lists of over 1,700 agencies and their work) Good places to learn what is available.

U.S. Center for World Mission (Great Overall training, coordination, education, field opportunities).
Site: www.uscwm.org visit also www.missionfrontiers.org Earn an M.A. or B.A. Missiology. (626) 398-2106

Wycliffe Bible Translators (Translating the scriptures for the world) www.wycliffe.org
Bible translation and linguistic studies. Ethnomusicology, advanced degrees. Opportunities for short term and career ministries. Domestic and international. Also www.wycliffeassociates.org See also www.sil.org

William Carey Library (Operated by the US Center for World Missions, above) Full spectrum of mission books and videos for kids and adults. Very comprehensive. 1-(800)- MISSION

AD 2000 and Beyond Movement (Missions to unreached peoples) www.ad2000.org
Joshua Project. Adopt-a-People headquarters. Specific info on peoples of the 10/40 Window.

Caleb Project (Short and Long term opportunities) www.calebproject.org
Excellent source for information and training. See also www.goshen.net/calebproject

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) One of the best sites. www.ywam.org
Extensive network with people in 110 countries. Global training and opportunities.

ACMC Church mobilization resources. Mostly for staff. www.acmc.org

Multi-Language Media How to obtain Christian materials. www.multilanguage.com
Audio tapes in 90 foreign languages. Literature in 45 languages.

AIMS The Association of International Mission Services www.aims.org
Information about ministry to unreached people groups worldwide.



International Missions Inc. (Missionary sending agency) e-mail: info@imi.org
Passion for the least reached among Muslims, Hindus, East Asia. Over 20 countries.
(800) 755-7955

International Teams (Training and support) www.Iteams.org/noregrets
Training for missions. Summer, short-term, 2-year and Career. (800) 323-0428

Latin America Mission (Evangelize with the Latin American church) www.lam.org
Evangelism, outreach and training for over 75 years. Short Term and Career.

AMF International (Ministry to Jews) www.amfi.org
Evangelism, discipleship and training of believers. Short Term programs also.
(708) 418-0020

Asian Access (Start and strengthen Japanese churches) www.AsianAccess.org
Work with a Japanese congregation in planting a reproducible church. Short and Long Term.

Arab World Ministries (North Africa and Middle East) www.awm.org
Summer teams, Islamic studies, youth ministry. (800) 447-3566

CAM International (Mexico, Central America, Spain, US) www.caminternational.org
(800) 366-2264

Gospel Missionary Union (Ministries in four continents) www.gmu.org
Church planting, evangelism, theological training. (800) GMU-1892

Kids Alive International (Several countries) www.kidsalive.org
Children's homes, Christian schools, orphanages and care centers. Short term opportunities also available. (800) 543-7330

Silk Road (East Asia) e-mail: eastasia@telebyte.net
Use business, English-teaching and education skills to open doors to the gospel in closed areas of East Asia. (888) 598-2228



Anglican Frontier Missions (Least evangelized North Africa, Asia) e-mail: AFM@xc.org
Church planting among least evangelized. (804) 355-8468

Gospel Recordings (Bible translations) winfo@gospelrecordings.com
The Good News in 5,000 languages, dialects. Audio evangelism. (888) 44-GRUSA

Baptist General Conference (Outreach to least evangelized) www.bgc.bethel.edu
Planting churches on 20 mission fields. Career, Term ( 3-5 yr.) and Short Term ( 0-2 yr.) opportunities available. (800) 323-4215

Berean Mission (Training for short and long term.) www.bereanmission.org
Preparing Mission-minded Christians for ministry for over 60 years. (800) 933-1226

Turkish World Outreach (Bringing the gospel to Turkey) e-mail: TWO@onlinecol.com

Romanian Missionary Society (Church planting, outreach) www.RMS-world.org
Radio network, pastoral support, education, orphanages, literature. RMSda@aol.com (630) 665-6503

The Bible League (Serving the church in China) www.BibleLeague.org
Partners with ChinaSource. Provides scriptures and training for house church Christians. (800) 334-7017

World Gospel Mission (Interdenominational Missions Agency) www.wgm.org
Serves in 22 areas of the world. Short term and career opportunities. (765) 671-7210

United World Mission (Church planting among unreached) www.uwm.org
Training for church planting among the unreached. Worldwide. (800) TALK-UWM

Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (Pioneer church planting) www.wec-int.org
WEC is 1,800 missionaries from 45 nationalities planting churches among the unreached. Career and short term ministries. (215) 646-2322

The Mustard Seed (Tribal, aboriginal peoples in Asia/Pacific) (800) 943-2484
Seeds of hope for marginalized people groups. Site: themustardseed@themustardseed.org



Bethany College of Missions (Preparation for Ministry) www.bcom.org
Cross-cultural ministry; academic, practical and spiritual. (800) 323-3417

Biola's School of Intercultural Studies (Study and research) www.biola.edu
A world leader in cross-cultural ministry training. (800) 992-4652

Columbia International University (Preparation for Ministry) www.ciu.edu
Resident and distance learning, summer and winter courses. (800) 777-2227

Global Interface (Cross-cultural training) www.global-interface.com
Training, missions team building, tools and assessments for agencies and groups of all denominations. (972) 418-7900

Prairie Bible College (Cross-cultural training) www.pbi.ab.ca
Training in cross-cultural ministry. Missions Aviation, Ethnomusicology and B.A. in Intercultural Studies. (800) 661-2425



Blessings International (Pharmaceutical and medical supplies) www.blessing.org
Short term medical teams in developing nations. (918) 250-8101

Food for the Hungry (Relief and development agency) www.fh.org
Short and long term mission teams and individuals. (877) 780-4261

International Aid (Goods, services, training) www.internationalaid.org
Sponsors KIDS HOPE USA mentoring program. (800)968-7490

LifeWater International (Provides water development info.) www.lifewater.org
Training, tech support and equipment for national teams. (888) 543-3426.

Mennonite Central Committee (Relief, service, development) www.mennonite.ca/mcc/
800 workers in 50 countries. (717) 859-1151

Mercy Ships (Ships to serve the nations - 3 ships) www.mercyships.org
Sails to ports in developing nations to bring physical and spiritual healing, medical care, relief evangelism and training. (800) 772-SHIP

World in Need (Refugees in Kosovar and Macedonia) e-mail: woorldin@juno.com
Food, medicine and clothing (888) 524-5070. Also missions teams to Morocco and Turkey. Short and long term opportunities. Call (888) 524-9474



ARC Ministries (Ministers to America's Teens) cward@accn.org
One year commitment. Audition for outreach to US schools. (800) 422-4383

Celebrant Singers (Concerts Worldwide) www.celebrants.com
Music ministry with international opportunities. (800) 321-2500

Forward Edge (Mobilize teens and adults for short term trips) www.forwardedge.org
Many opportunities in US and abroad. Facilitators, materials (360) 574-3343

International Messengers (Eastern Europe and North America) email: IMUSA@netins.net
Works mostly with short term adult teams and staff to aid the church.. (800) 243-6763

OMF International (Short and Long Term Outreach to East Asia)
Evangelism, Bible Teaching, professional service throughout Asia. (800) 422-5330

STEM Ministries (Short term missions experience) www.stemmin.com
Sends teams to Caribbean/Latin America (612) 535-2944 STEMmin@aol.com

UFM International (23 target areas world-wide) www.ufm.org
Pioneers for new people groups, internships, short and long term opportunities.

Project Serve (1 to three week long trips. Combine evangelism and service)
Short term missions ministry of Youth for Christ (800) 669-4932 www.projectserve.org



Intent (Work overseas while expanding the Kingdom) www.intent.org
Networking Professionals for Global Impact. (773) 921-0457

International Institute for Christian Studies (Academics) www.iics.com
Ministry to academic community. We place teachers in public universities overseas. 800-776-4427

InterServe (Tentmakers to Asia and Middle East) www.interserve.org
Fellowship of Christian professionals. Use your skills to open doors in closed countries.

Unreached Peoples (Use ministry/vocational skills) www.mup.org/mupinfo
Mission to Unreached Peoples (888) 847-6950 Be successful overseas.

ESI (Teach English, Business and other subjects) www.esiadventure.org
Use teaching to bless and witness in over 50 locations. (800) 895-7955

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