Organizations and materials that you could use in a program of raising awareness for and reaching an unreached people group.

QUESTION From: Robert Schroeder <100714.1660@compuserve.com> I would like any statistics and information about strategies dealing with unreached peoples and Bible translation. I need the information for an upcoming speaking engagement at a missions conference in the Czech Republic.

ANSWER From: gene.brooks@juno.com (Gene Brooks) For a non-Western perpective, contact Mariapanadar Alaichamy Paul and Christeena Paul, Ph.D. candidates at Fuller School of World Mission and directors of Orient Bible Translators, a Majority World Bible translation ministry based out of Gujarat: Contact christy@fuller.edu

ANSWER From: Neal Pirolo <Neal_Pirolo@eri.org> It would seem to me that Wycliffe Bible translators, or another Bible translation group, would be the best source for this information. WBT/SIL: phone: 972 708-7433 e-mail: Jim_Walton@sil.org

Jesus Film Macedonian Project
I just returned from Campus Crusade's...conference at CSU in Ft. Collins. There they featured the Macedonian Project, a Jfilm coverage strategy whereby individuals adopt an MPTA (million people target area) and commit to going there at least once from 2 weeks to 2 months within 2 years of their commitment. J film office will provide all the equipment necessary to cover these areas with the film. Have you heard of this? I thought it'd fit in well within the PSA model. Maybe PSA's could utilize this project to recruit a bunch of laymen to show the film and get involved with their unreached people. You can contact the office and have them send you a packet that explains the strategy more. Write Milt Monell at <MMonell@ccci.org>. Source: bkburchell@juno.com (Brian W Burchell)


* Wall Map of Kurdistan, laminated, 23" x 28" $12.00
* A Kurdish Family, Photo Story of Refugees coming to America $9.00
* Jesus Film, (specify Bahdini or Sorani or Kurmanji) $10.00
* Cassette Tapes, Bahdini Kurdish: Matthew, Gospel of John, Acts $7.50 each
* Cassette Tapes, Sorani Kurdish: Gospel of Luke $10.00
* Bible Portions: Luke (Sorani Kurdish), Matthew (Kurmanji Kurdish) $3.00 each
* 1998 Full-color Calendar, Bahdini and Sorani Scriptures for each month $4.00

Add $2.00 for shipping charge, Make check payable to: Friends of the Kurds Seattle, P.O. Box 58319,Seattle, WA 98138 Phone: 425 226-8513


VIDEO: "The Waiting World"
The Waiting World is a new video series designed to engage the imagination of believers and ignite prayer on behalf of unreached people groups. For information, contact <videos@sfcos.org> or write YWAM Strategic Frontiers, P.O. Box 25490, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA. (Source: Advance)


VIDEO: Ordinary People Extraordinary Love
This is probably the best video cranked out by Caleb Project as of 1998. It clearly presents the concept of unreached peoples and the importance of adopting a specific people group and becoming an advocate for that people. Includes case studies and great footage and music on unreached peoples. Order for $18 through Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120 or through the web at <www.calebproject.org>