Books, Games, and other tools which can be used in training short-and long-term missionaries.

TRAINING: Song of A Chinese Sparrow
A new primer on the church in China and options for evangelization in that nation is available from the China Service Coordinating Office (CSCO). The primer was developed jointly by CSCO, China Harvest, and GEM with input from numerous agencies presently working in China. It includes a 30+ page booklet, a 12-minute video, and a wall map of China. The video, "Song of A Chinese Sparrow" [has just been completed by] The Institute for Chinese Studies in conjunction with the CSCO. It is aimed at introducing the general Christian audience to the variety of ways in which God is working in China today. Based on a true story, SONG OF A CHINESE SPARROW chronicles the journey to faith of one young woman in China... The video closes with a summary of the avenues available for Christian witness among Chinese and a powerful challenge to become personally involved...For more information and a form to use to order the Primer, send e-mail to Justin Long via with the single line "info China Primer" in the subject line.

TRAINING: Street Children: A Guide to Effective Ministry
Equips Christians to face the challenges of the complex ministry to children living on the streets. For information, contact or write MARC Publications, 800 W. Chestnut Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 USA. FWD Through the NETWORKING section from the May edition of ADVANCE <>


The Missionary Training Service <Coordmts@XC.Org> Ian Benson has been very active in our BOMM conference-- In fact, he has just submitted the following list of Books and resources for missionary training. They can be ordered through The Missionary Training Service, 18 Aston Way, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2XY United Kingdom Tel./Fax. National: 01691 653619 International: +44 1691 65361 Web pages:

BOOK: Prepare for Battle
Basic Training for Spiritual Warfare, by Neil and Yvonne Pirolo, Emmaus Road International, 1997, Paperback, 288 pages. This new book by Neal Pirolo, who wrote _Serving As Senders_ serves as a basic primer concerning spiritual warfare. "I hate war!" The author declares in his opening paragraph. "But my hatred for the enemy of our souls is greater than my abhorrence of war!" Making reference to over 700 Scripture passages that point to victory in battle, the author drives home the importance of understanding the basics of "spiritual warfare". Yvonne Pirolo adds, "Many people believe only the pastor or the missionary or the =other= person is confronted by the enemy. We need to recognize and be prepared for the specific times and ways the enemy hassles all committed Christians in their daily living and how to apply God's solutions." Each chapter is followed by practical insights written by Yvonne from her experiences. Real problems are followed by biblical solutions to gain victory in Christ. $5.75 from William Carey Library, which offered this book review. (1-800-MISSION)


QUESTION From: Dennis Miller <> I am trying to find how to order or obtain an edition of the "Luna Game". William Carey Library couldn't help me. Do any of you know where I can find it or a similar game?

QUESTION From: Alison Guerra <> Does anyone know of any cross cultural simulation games/exercises other than the Luna game appropriate for use in training short term missions teams?

ANSWER From: W Scott W <> Their is an updated version of Luna called Kampei. Very similar and a little stronger...

ANSWER From: Olgy Gary ( I'm the author/designer of "The Luna Game" and working to get it back into print, probably sometime [in 2008]. In the meantime I've updated/revised THE KAMPEI GAME and it is now available from, at

The Kampei Game was designed with many of the components/methods/teachings the Luna Game carries. It's been used by trainers successfully both in the USA and internationally. It's a great simulation game to train folks on how to communicate cross-culturally, both in the USA and abroad. I originally included THE KAMPEI GAME as one of the components in "The World Christian Curriculum Project" that was published by Harvest Int'l out of Tempe, AZ. They no longer distribute the curriculum and since I hold the copyright for the various games I included in the curriculum, I was able to take them and update them and are now in the process of bringing them each back into print.

ANSWER From: (Gregory S Crawford) Mission Training International <> has several games available including, Cultural Squares and the 4 Culture Square game.

ANSWER From: Marcia Bickley <>
"Developing Intercultural Awareness - A Cross-Cultural Training Handbook," by Robert Kohls and John M. Knight, published by Intercultural Press, has approximately 20 cross-cultural exercises appropriate for all ages.

ANSWER From: Neal Pirolo <>
Emmaus Road, International is an educational resource for cross-cultural ministry. We do not have any simulation games, but what we use as basic training for the short term teams we lead is a set of four one-hour videos, dealing with the culture shock and culture stress issues of: How I View Myself as a Cross-cultural Worker, How I View the Organization I am going with, How I View the People I plan to Minister Among, and Re-entry. The value of these videos comes as the team leader takes the issues raised and makes them personal to the specific team. It develops a teammanship like nothing else! They can be ordered by e-mail or from our website: <>

ANSWER From: James Au <>
Contact Tim Feaver at the the Northwest Regional Office (NWRO) of Wycliffe Bible Translators for information on "The Journey." This is a 6-hour simulation experience which takes a person from their "comfort zone" to the missionary field through about 10 different stages. For many who go through this program, it is an eye-opening experiencing and the first step to a much longer commitment to world missions. It gives exposure to the many aspects and challenges of becoming a field missionary. Wycliffe offers this program for an entire church, youth group or college and even for more than one church at a time. They typically send from 150 to 250 people through the Journey in a single day. You can reach Tim in the USA at (503) 652-1662 or by e-mail: <Tim_Feaver@WYCLIFFE.ORG> The co-author of this program, Gary Peterson, is a mate, moved to Australia and would also be glad to share with you, at: <>


From: Coordmts@XC.Org (Ian Benson) By God's grace, missionaries in a closed country in Asia began 23 churches and were able to leave the churches functioning with their own leaders after only 3 years. They used some activity-based training materials called "Train and Multiply" to prepare the leaders. Previously, there had been converts but they were all passive recipients of the missionary efforts.

These materials were originally developed by George Patterson in Honduras. They include a Church Planting Guide, a Pastoral Trainer's Manual, a Student Activity Guide (which is the activity based pastoral training curriculum) and 62 booklets to mobilize new and more experienced workers in all pastoral activities. This activity- oriented pastoral training programme is designed to foster a movement for church multiplication. By God's grace, they have been successfully used in Latin America, Asia and Europe in different contexts.

The programme was first developed by Dr George Patterson in Central America where he established about 100 churches over 20 years. Other users of the materials have had even greater success in church planting. The original materials were edited by a team of experienced SEAN TEE writers including George Patterson himself. The present revised version is produced by the Missionary Training Service, an organization dedicated to the training of workers for the unevangelised world.

The Church Planting Guide, which is part of the set, has been used to begin several thousand churches around the world. This is also sold separately at US$11.50 including airmail postage worldwide.

A full sample set of all the materials costs US$95 (plus US$25 for sea mail or US$50 for airmail worldwide).

To order, please write out two cheques (made out to the Missionary Training Service) for US$72.50 airmail, or two cheques for US$60 seamail. (This is because our bank cannot process checks for more than about US$75 - for larger checks they charge us about US$12 per check.) Please send your order to The Missionary Training Service, 18 Aston Way, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2XY, United Kingdom


The Morth American Council of South Asian Christians offers a resource sheet describing books and music for ministry to South Asians. NACSAC, P.O. Box 14907, Philadelphia, PA 19149.

Also, a 17-page catalog of resources available for ministry to South Asians is available from Messages of God's Love Multilingual, 1234 1411 S. Ferdinand Drive, Tacoma, WA 98405 Call or fax 206-756-7310


"InterCultural Press" (secular group) continues to publish a quarterly catalogue of books and booklets or various aspects of foreign students and cross cultural areas. One of their recent books, "On Being Foreign," by Tom Lewis & Robert Jungman (308 pgs., 1986, $16.95) is a skillfully selected collection of short stories on culture shock, for example. Get on their quarterly mailing list: Intercultural Press, Inc., P.O.Box 700, Yarmouth, ME 04096 (207/846-5168 ) .