Training Missionaries internationally--in other countries

QUESTION From: Robert Schroeder <>
I am looking for some good missons training materials for the Czech Republic. These materials should be relatively self-contained. That means that they must have no thick text-books. There is really nothing available in the Czech language and there are Bible schools and churches looking for materials. We need something that is relatively easy to translate, thus no large textbooks...

ANSWER From: Jason Butler <>
In reference to Czech materials, you might "check" with a friend of mine, Pastor Jan Titera in Zlin, Czech Republic. He may know of some materials already translated into Czech. He's a godly guy and well-informed. He also speaks good English. His phone number is, and his address is: Hluboka 1343/27, PSC 760 01 Zlin, Czech Republic

ANSWER From: (David Dougherty)
Dr. Jim Engel at Eastern College has developed a curriculum for training Christian leader in the third world that might meet Bob Schroeder's needs. I believe the curriculum is published by Jim's Center for Christian Organizational Excellence.

ANSWER From: Frank Tichy <>
Have you looked at two of the text manuals used in the...Perspectives Course for possible translating into Czech? Contact William Carey Library at 1-818-798-0819 and ask for Dave Shaver, Manager, about getting translation rights for: "WORLD MISSION - An Analysis of the World Christian Movement" - by Jonathan Lewis. It is published in 3 separate paperbacks and is the base for translation into the Russian version.

Equally usable would be the Perspectives textual material in notebook format: "WORLDWIDE PERSPECTIVES: Understanding God's Purposes in the World from Genesis to Revelation", by Meg Crossman. This is increasingly the favorite material for Perspectives students because of its quality and the fact that no chapter contains more than 30 pages of reading material...

ANSWER From: Coordmts@XC.Org (Ian Benson)
Some materials that would be useful for both situations (Czech and Cell) are the "Train and Multiply" materials originally developed by George Patterson in Central America for the multiplication of churches through on-the-job pastoral training. They were edited by SEAN. An updated version is available from the Missionary Training Service. The curriculum is activity based: whatever the Lord is leading the group to do becomes the subject to study and work with. Sixty-two booklets to be studied when they are needed, under the direction of a more experienced worker, help the student pastor and learn at the same time. By God's grace, the materials have been used with much success in several continents. The whole set is available from the Missionary Training Service for US$95 plus postage... Originals of the materials and licences to reproduce them are also available...