Performance-oriented Music related to Mission--includes albums from Christian musicians.


PRAYER WORKS! A MISSIONS MUSICAL FOR KIDS audio tape. Choir books, performance videos, and other musicals also available. For information, contact Fred Judkins at Merryman Enterprises, 800 University Ave., Burbank, CC 91504. Call (818) 560-3330.

Allies, ALLIES, "Send Me"
Allies, THE RIVER, "Island Song"
Altar Boys, WHEN YOU'RE A REBEL, "Does God's Heart Cry"
~Bash, HOLIDAY, "All the Difference In the World"
Stephen L. Bigger, THROW OUT THE ANCHOR, "Into the Darkness"
Scott Wesley Brown, almost all songs on his more recent albums
Steve Camp, a lot of his music from mid-career
Michael Card, THE WORD, "So Many Books"
~Paul Clark, OUT OF THE SHADOW, "Father God"
~Andre Crouch & the Disciples, ?, "Everywhere"
~Shawn Cushen, all songs
Daniel Amos, ALARMA, "Windows"
David & the Giants, UNDER CONTROL, "Takin' it to the World"
DeGarmo & Key, ROCK SOLID-LIVE, "Let the Whole World Sing"
Terri DeSario, A CALL TO US ALL, "A Call to us All"
>Farrell & Farrell, JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, "Jump Up"
Farrell & Farrell, SUPERPOWER, "Eternity in Their Hearts"
~Amy Grant, FATHER'S EYES, "Someone's Got to Keep it on Going"
Glen Allen Greene, LIVING FIRE, "Fight"
~Glen Allen Greene, DOWN THIS AVENUE, "Eternity"
~Keith Green, ?, a lot of his later music, such as "Asleep in the Light," "Jesus Commands us to Go"
~Steve Green, THE MISSION, The Mission
>Mark Heard, GREATEST HITS, "Dancing at the Policeman's ball"
>Idle Cure, TOUGH LOVE, "Hungry Hearts," "Front Line"
~Imperials, STAND BY THE POWER, "Lord of the Harvest"
Justus, SOMEONE'S WAITING, "Give us a Burden"
Kerry Livgren, PRIME MOVER, "Shine On"
David Meece, 7, "You Can Go Now"
~John Mehler, BOW & ARROW, "My Strength"
Rich Mullins, ?, "The Other Side of the World"
>One Bad Pig, SMASH, "Blow & Go"
~Twila Paris, KINGDOM SEEKERS, "Kingdom Seekers"
~Charlie Peacock, THE SECRET OF TIME, "Drowning Man"
Petra, NOT OF THIS WORLD, "Lift Him Up"
~Randy Stonehill, EQUATOR, "China"
Servant, LIGHT MANEUVERS, "We are the Light,"
Servant, SWIMMING IN A HUMAN OCEAN, "I Will Follow"
>Vector, MANNEQUIN VIRTUE, "The Hunger & the Thirst," "The Shore," "I Love them All"
Vector, SIMPLE EXPERIENCE, "Be Undone"
Greg X. Volz, NO ROOM IN THE MIDDLE, "Servants & Witnesses"
>Sheila Walsh, DON'T HIDE YOUR HEART, "Light Across the World"
Sheila Walsh,?, "Ship of Love"
Matthew Ward, ARMED & DANGEROUS, "Red & Yellow, Black & White"

I'm sure I'm missing some songs. If you have additions or corrections to make, please send them to <>. Following is a list of specifically misison-oriented music that I've composed. I do not have any professional recordings of these peices, but I do have "rough draft" recordings on tape for all of them. You can reach me by phone at 719-783-2447.

All that You've Commanded
>Calling World Christians
~Evening Song
Hasten the Day
>Take it Away
The Time Has Came
Wait & See
>You Can Do
~Song of Moses (Classical Choral peice)
~Louez L'Eternel (Psalm 148)
~Praise to the Lord of All
I also have acoustic instrumental peices that I've composed with a missions theme in mind.

> upbeat or hard rock
~ really soft music

The Following Entries come from Melinda Wallace, of New Zealand
"What Would Jesus Do?" by Julie Miller
"Pray for Me" by Michael W. Smith
"One More Broken Heart" by Point of Grace
Kim Boyce had an album about 2 years ago that had one excellent mission song on it that is similar in content to "One More Broken Heart." I can't remember the name of the song, but it usually brings tears to people's eyes.
"Who will be Jesus" by Bruce Carroll, as well as other songs he does.
Steve Camp's album "Justice" is full of lots of great mission songs such as "Don't Tell them Jesus Loves them 'till You're Ready to Love them too."
"Heart Attack" and lots of other stuff by New Zealand artist Mark Laurent (Official artists of Tear Fund (Compassion))
Lots of stuff by Jim Weber, Touchstone, PO Box 50114, Nashville, TN, 37205 "For the Love of God" by Julie Joyner, MorningStar Productions, 16000 Lancaster Highway, Charlotte, NC,28277.




_A HEART FOR THE LOST_ by Ken Bitner <>

FOLLOW THE LEADER - CHILDREN's Missions songs by Randy Frost


Simple Truth/ Living Water
Simple Truth has just released their second album, entitled "Living Water." Enjoy the harmony and passion conveyed in the music of this Caleb Project music group. Songs include "Stream in the Desert," "He Loves You So Much," "Single Mind," and many more. All vocals by Tanya, Rami, and Joel Mayer. "Simple Truth exists ... to see Christ exalted among all nations." [I think they sound like 2nd Chapter of Acts. ~NW] Living Water CD-Rom (1998): $15 + $3 postage in the U.S. MAIL TO: Caleb Project Resources, 10 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120 ORDER THROUGH THE WEB at <>


Steve Green Addresses Persecution
According to Voice of the Martyrs, Steve Green addresses the issue of the persecuted church among other things in his 1998 album entitled THE FAITHFUL. Steve says, "As I prayed and listened, I could hear certain themes echoing through the church. I heard a great cry of concern about our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world and a continued lament over the killing of the unborn. There was a groaning of renewed passion to experience God and an urgency to ask God for genuine revival. I want to add my voice to the voices of many others who are picking up the strains of truth and righteousness and carrying the song of God's heart to all who will hear." The album is available through Voice of the Martyrs for $16CD/$10 Tape plus shipping and handling. I'm sure you can find it in Christian bookstores too.


"CHINA" [Lightheartedly pokes fun at Western ethnocentrism and encourages going overseas]


See lyrics under ARTS:POETRY

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From the End of the Earth
All alone in a bamboo hut on the top of a mountain, the first white person ever seen by this Kumboi village, Rebekah Pearl writes and sings songs about her God. Rebekah accompanies herself on a classical guitar. It includes songs in both Kumboi and Pidgin. CD includes 8-page foldout with color pictures of Rebekah in her tribal setting and all the words to the songs. Several of the songs are a delight to children who love to sing along. CD-$8, Tape-$5 plus $2 S/H. Send orders to The Church at Cane Creek, 1000 Pearl Rd., Pleasantville, TN 37147


The Catalyst Library of ethnic music
The Catalyst Library is a collection of articles on different ways ethnic music has been or can be encouraged. It is meant to be a resource library of tools to be used to encourage the creation of ethnic hymns and spiritual songs. A revised edition on computer diskette (Word 7 and rtf) or hard copy will be released in December 1997. The Catalyst Library is available on diskette for $5 or hardcopy for $10 plus postage. It will be sent on diskette as an issue of EM News in December. A subscription to EM News (4 issues per year) costs $15. A selection of back issues of EM News is $20. All these are available by writing the address Ethnomusicology Dept. SIL, 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236 or using email: <>