One of the things we can share in this missionmobilizer's conference is outlines for presentations we make on missions. The following outline was submitted by G.P. for the recent Heartland MissionsFest, Feb. 15-17, 1996:

"The Unfinished Task"

  1. Definition of a "People Group"
  2. Definition of an "Unreached People Group"
  3. "The Challenge of our Unfinished Task" - 10 min. video by YWAM/Procla-Media
  4. Who are the Peoples? - "World View Demonstration" (11-volunteers show global religious demographics)
  5. Where do they live? - 10/40 Window map
  6. Can it be done? - "The Feasibility of Completing World Evangelization" (mathmatical figuring done on overhead projector--It would conceivably take only a million Christians to send and plant churches in every last unreached people group!)
  7. God's Word regarding the Task
  8. a. "all nations" throughout Bible

    b. God's glory - Let the Nations Be Glad! by John Piper

  9. Resources for completing the task
  10. a. People - Matt. 9:35-38

    b. Prayer - JP2000, research/prayer guides, Life-Changing Encounters

    c. Finances - Body of Christ has the finances

  11. Resources for your future use and reference