Have you ever really wished someone would do something NICE for you?

I was hitchhiking at midnight in the Israeli desert a few years ago. Approaching headlights would illuminate my outstretched thumb making it glow like a candle. Only to have car after car whiz by me. (Only later did I learn that sticking ones thumb out is a VERY rude gesture in middle-eastern culture!)

As the night wore on and my shoes wore out, I started mumbling to myself, "What is the matter with the people in that car? "Don't they care? I could DIE out here?" Another car passed and it's fading motor seemed to answer my question, "Noooooooooooooo." "No Israeli cares one camel dung about you, Byard" Sigh.

We all wish for somebody to take notice of us, that the good that we "undoubtedly would do for someone" they would do for us. But do you take notice of the plight of others?

Are there individuals that are literally and spiritually dying that you have intentionally blocked out of your peripheral vision? Who in the world are you pretending not to see? Are the strings of your heart tied to anyone who could be called 'needy'? Do you think about the poor in the world once a month? A week? A day? Is it possible that God is wishing you to return the favor of Salvation you received in some tangible way to someone you don't yet know?

I love reading about Marco Polo. I suppose it's because we have so much in common: He growing up on spaghetti in Venice and I growing up on spaghetti in Nebraska and then both of us being forced into eating tons of Chinese food later in our teen years. (I don't know the details on his cereal consumption.)

Marco's life is incredible in that by age 15 he had befriended the Emperor of China, Kublai Khan. Inquisitive about the world at large, Kublai showed an interest in Christianity. When Marco, his father Nikolo and Uncle Maffeo Polo were ready to return to Italy, Kublai Khan asked them to take a letter to the POPE requesting that he send 100 learned priests to the Mongol court.

Upon returning (year 1265) the request was presented to the POPE. The Pope's efforts to meet Kublai's request for a hundred priests failed: only two friars had volunteered to join the Polos. What happened to those to friar missionaries? As they journeyed through Turkey, the friars were overtaken by panic and feared for their safety. Pretending to be sick, they turned back and the Polo's went on alone.

Wow, think of the implications of that one self-willed incident on the kingdom of God! Who was at fault that China had missed that incredible opportunity to share Christ and Christianity with the most influential person in the world? Was it those 2 friars who volunteered BUT turned back? Or was it the 98 priests who never volunteered? Or was it Marco Polo because he DID go to China and didn't share Christianity with the Khan? "ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING." - Edmund Burke

The call for "100 priests" is still out. Can God find 100 who will simply muster the courage to DO SOMETHING, for somebody today? With 20% of the world in abject poverty (Over 500 million have not eaten a full meal in five days) (With 4 out of 5 in the world and 6 out of 10 in the U.S. as non-Christians!)

We all wish for somebody to take notice of us, that the good that we "undoubtedly would do for someone" they would do for us.

I think of the comment of a person on the RECEIVING end: "Why haven't you come sooner? You have told this wonderful story (the gospel) in other towns and we have been wondering what sin we have committed against God which kept Him from sending you to us." ---Cakchiquel Chief, Guatemala, in 1918 to arriving missionaries.

Friends, pray that God intertwines your life with some purpose that is larger than yourself, than your world. God knows how to make you into a miracle for someone else! God knows. Pray and he will make you a living legend to someone, somewhere! Perhaps you already are. Praise God, that you have chosen to be a miracle for someone needing someone just like you!

Love Loving!

Your Friend