Organizations, Training, and Opportunities to help you reach out to Muslims.


GROUPS which are receptive
QUESTION From: Steve C. <> I am currently in seminary preparing for future church planting ministry among Muslims. As I seek direction for which people group to go, I'd like to know what Muslim people groups are currently very receptive to the Gospel but lacking laborers. Where might I find this kind of information?

ANSWER From: Beram <> Steve, we are connected to a group in South Sumatra where we are in desperate need for labourers. It's a new work (practically "untouched" in terms of evangelism) BUT this last year or so, we have seen a few locals coming in as "full-time evangelists" to reach these PEOPLE... If there is a definite interest, you need to make a trip down where we can meet and talk with you.

ANSWER From: "Chris Vannoy" <chris.vannoy@CCMAIL.LFA.COM> In short and grossly generalized, the more receptive AREAS of the Muslim world have been: Central Asia (particularly Kazakhs and Uzbeks, and Kyrgyz), Bangladesh, and to a lesser degree parts of Indonesia. But, I want to add, that all Muslim areas are lacking laborers, and while there have been some breakthroughs (and even major ones) we haven't really seen what I think God wants to do! Let me challenge you to go to Afghanistan or to some of these other areas where there has been so little work that we really don't know if the people are receptive?!!! For more info call me (800) GO 2 THEM...






Walk around Jericho
During 1998, the Walk Around Jericho project seeks to mobilize 10,000 intercessors from around the world who will focus their prayer efforts on the Muslims of India. This project also seeks to recruit and mobilize at least 100 prayer walking and/or profiling teams who will come to various cities and villages in India for one week in order to pray against these spiritual strongholds and bring down the walls that keep the Muslims of India separated from God and walking in darkness. Teams will be asked to spend 6 days praying over specific places in a city or district where there are large numbers of Muslims. On the seventh day, the prayer focus will be to pray as the team walks around the city with the expectation that God will begin to bring down the walls! You and your church can be involved in Walk Around Jericho. You can be an integral part in bringing down the walls that keep the millions of Indian Muslims in spiritual darkness. If you would like more information please contact ACCHI KHABAR, PO BOX 24056; LEXINGTON, KY 40524- 4056; USA or e-mail:


MUSLIM EVANGELISM "Sharing the Gospel in Muslim Cultures" and "Questions About Islam" provide valuable insight for Christians interested in witnessing to Muslims. For information, contact MARC Publications at or write 800 W. Chestnut Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 USA.


MUSLIM MINISTRY PAPERS The Institute for Muslim Studies has produced several papers on ministry to Muslims. No charge, although donations for the institute accepted. Available: "Catalog of Resources for Muslim Ministry"; "Directory of Chicagoland Muslim Institutions"; "Islam and the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity"; "Gospel Presentation to Muslims"; "Evangelizing Muslims." IMS, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 60187.


IDEA Ministries PHONE: 616-698-3080 4595 Broadmoor Avenue Suite 237, Grand Rapids, MI 49512-53365 Do you know of someone preparing to work with Muslims and interested in a short-term exposure/training time before going the full-time route? Here is a training opportunity --

Purpose: Cross-cultural orientation for Christian service among Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere. Academic and practical introduction to world and life view of Muslims. Acquaintance with Christians and Muslims. Couples as well as single individuals welcome. Plan: June 3-July 15. Six weeks in Turkey. Studies in Bible, Islamics, history, and culture. Service projects. Travel, private home visits, and interaction with Turkish students. Application: deadline April 10, 1996. Cost: $25 registration; $995 subsidized program cost (extra expense: travel, books and supplies, fees, and personal expenses). One year of college completed by May 1996 required.--Submitted by Gwen Hanna <>


Come to Colorado Springs this Summer and learn about winning Muslims to Christ. The S.I.M.S. is sponsored by Knox Theological Seminary (a division of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church), 685 Citadel Drive E., Suite 309, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.

Faculty includes: Don McCurry, Nabeel Jabbour, Mateen Elaas, Paul Hensley, Warren Chastain, Warren Cofsky, Ibrahim Ghaffari

Classes Offered: -Introduction to Islam: July 8-19, 1996, Mon-Fri 6:30-9:00pm -Muslim Evangelism: July 22-Aug 2, 1996, Mon-Fri, 6:30-9:00pm -Church Planting in Muslim Context: July 7-aug 1, 1997 -Christian Use of the Koran: July 7-Aug. 1, 1997 -Folk Islam and Power Encounter: July 6-July 31, 1988 -Apologetics--Answering Muslim Problems: July 6-July 31, 1988 COST: $250 per course for credit/$50 per course for audit


INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS' SUMMER TRAINING AND OUTREACH PROGRAM Chinese, Hindu, or Muslim Evangelism. June 29-July 29 (6-week format also available June 23-Aug. 3) in New York City. About half the time is spent in classroom learning, and the other half is spent in actual cross-cultural immersion among ethnic people in the city. Call 1-800-755-7955 (or 610-375-0300, or in Canada 800-295-4158) for an application.--Submitted by