Mobilizing Church Worship Leaders


QUESTION From: <> Can anyone tell me of people or ministries that have a thrust in mobilizing people who are worship leaders in missions, and with whom I could dialogue about the role of worship in missions?

ANSWER From: "Yvonne V. Wood" <> Contact Byron Spradlin of Artists in Christian Testimony (ACTS) at <>

ANSWER From: <>,<>, and <> Pioneers has a ministry called Worship to the Nations. This ministry's purpose is to raise up worship leaders, both western and indigenous, to be a part of church planting teams all around the world. The head of this ministry is Dave Hall. You can reach him at <>. Pioneers' address and phone number is 10123 William Carey Dr., Orlando, FL 32827-6020 Phone:(407) 382-6000. Also, of course, John Piper and his church Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis would also be a good contact regarding the role of worship in missions. His book on the subject is Let the Nations Be Glad.

ANSWER from Jim Au <> I know of a man, Dean Christenson, the worship leader at Village Baptist Church in Beaverton, Oregon, who is very missions-minded and has led a seminar at a Portland ACMC conference. The general e-mail for that church is: <>. Another is a Tricia Rhodes, a pastor's wife and worship leader of a church in San Diego, with whom I had traveled to India just last September. Her address is: <>. In her case, she is very active and vocal regarding the adoption of an unreached people for whom I have been praying since 1990. I think it would be well for you to address your question to these two people.