Tips on finding Speakers for Mission Conferences.

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Marti Smith writes, "...if you find yourself talking to people who want to mobilize their women's ministries for the 10/40 window, add this to your bag of tricks...

Women's ministries primarily exists to encourage and support our women on the field through on-line forums, counsel, coaching trips, etc. Fran Love and other experienced women missionaries are also eager to help your church or women's group understand the issues facing Muslim women and those ministering to Muslim women through literature, speaking engagements, and dramatic presentations. Call 1(800)GO-2-THEM or email us for more information! Want an inside look at how a woman from the Arab Gulf might look at her life, family, faith, and future? Mary Bosley's dramatic depiction of "Sameera" will touch your heart very deeply - and challenge you to help bring the gospel to women like Sameera. Available as a live presentation only.


QUESTION From Paula Knofla <> [We] are Missions Directors at our very small church which has practically no missions vision. We believe the Lord has put us in this position of responsibility to bring forth that vision. Any suggestions where we should begin? ... We would prayerfully welcome anyone who might feel led to come speak to our church... We live in Cypress, TX, which is a northwest suburb of Houston.

ANSWER From: W Scott W <> Why not sponser a special focus Sunday school type series using Vision For the Nations, a video series produced by USCWM. It is like a mini version of Perspectives on World Chr. Movement but with a one hour format so as to be used in a Sun AM or Bible Study context. Very interactive. Contact Wm Carey Library for info: 1-800-MISSION. [Another Perspectives angle would be to contact the Perspectives office <> to get their list of approved speakers for your area. ~N.W.]

ANSWER From: (Gregory S Crawford) ACMC publishes several books pertaining to this very dilemma including, The Global Mission Handbook. Contact Larry Walker (619-746-4285) for a list of resources from ACMC.



*JoAnna Rochester is in leadership of an agency called Every People, Tribe, and Nation is both a mobilization and church-planting agency which seeks to call Blacks to reach unevangelized peoples. They also have Short-Term Projects (Leadership & World Mission Training School) and an International Missions conference scheduled for Nov. 7-8. I was very impressed with JoAnna's seminar: Minorities in Missions, at the Heartland MissionsFest. You can order the tape of that seminar from <> or contact EPTN directly at P.O. Box 129, Detroit, MI 48221 Or Call 313-891-0067

*Beverly Pegues is the director of the Windows International Network, and has coordinated much of the "Praying Through The Window" campaign. Phone:719-522-1040 Email:

(Re-posted from 18 Apr 95)

Rev. Ken Wilson (my Dad), who has been a key liaison between a white suburban mega-church and Black urban churches in Birmingham, AL, has also recommended the following Black speakers. The first three are relatively broadly known, and the last three, while capable of speaking on the topic, do not have as much of a life emphasis on foreign mission:

*Elward Ellis-Destiny Movement, Inc.-probably near Atlanta

*Crawford Lorritts-associated with Destiny; Union City, GA 404-969-7278

*Eugene Burrell-Navigators; 202-635-0907

*Rich Berry-Church pastor in Atlanta (404) 785-3810

*Charlie Speight-Navigators; (404) 627-2256

*Michael Jones-Campus Crusade/transitioning to church pastor in Birmingham, AL

*Vernard Gant-Briarwood Church Urban Ministries, Birmingham, AL (205) 781-1406