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33% of the world is under the age of 15 85% of children under 15 live in the Two-Thirds World Most people make a decision for Christ before the age of 20 --From the WEF second quarter 1996 progress report, <>


QUESTION From: Jack Straus <> There was a statistic that I heard at the Envision 96 conference in Lexington, KY a few weeks ago and I'm trying to remember it...

ANSWER From: (Gene Brooks) According to David Bryant, "About 70% of all progress toward completing the Great Commission has taken place since 1900. Of that, 70% has occurred since World War II. And 70% of that has come about since 1992. David Bryant, THE HOPE AT HAND, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995), p. 221.


QUESTION From: Kev Roy <> After giving a mobilizing spiel to a short-term team recently one of my victims asked me to send him a list of the "top ten missions happenings this century" which he could use to motivate and mobilize his own youth group. Would anyone like to offer their lists or candidates?

  1. ANSWER From <> I'll take a stab at it...
    1. Fall of Iron Curtain opens doors to mission in Europe & Asia
    2. Spread of Chinese House Church despite Bamboo curtain
    3. Technological developments in communication
    4. Airplanes bring new level to transportation
    5. Mission agencies shift from Political Nations to UPG's
    6. The Development of Short-term missions projects
    7. Decline of Christianity in West / rise of African, Asian, Indian, Latin church
    8. Growth of Charismatic/Pentecostals within the church
    9. Islam doubles its number of adherents in the 20th century
    10. Animism/Traditional religions drop in half