Tapes with mission-oriented messages

* $5 each, includes titles such as: "Praying Back the King," "Honoring Christ Among the Nations," "The Jericho Hour," "60 Minutes With God," "The Joy of Prayer," "Contending for the Nations" Available through Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 35930, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 <>

The AD2000 Audio Communications Track has put together a guide of Audio resources, where you can get them, and how to use them to bridge illiteracy and language barriers. If you work among unreached peoples, send your request for a copy to Source: Gateway People Cluster Consultation Handout

Miracles are not all in the past. The story of God's grace among an ancient people, and how their path crossed that of one lone American girl obeying God. Told by Rebekah Pearl. Interesting listening for both children and adults. $3 plus $2 S/H. Send orders to The Church at Cane Creek, 1000 Pearl Rd., Pleasantville, TN 37147

Free catalog lists New Testament albums and individual Gospels on cassette in 250 languages. Audio Scriptures International, P.O. Box 28417, San Diego, 1 Calif. 92198... <>

The following lectures are available on audio cassette tape from Horizons International, P.O. Box 18478, Boulder, CO 80308-1478 for $4 apiece. Source: ReachOut Magazine
-Allah: The God of Islam
-The Muslim Mind-Set
-Penetrating Walls of Muslim Resistance
-All Muslims are not the Same
-Honest Answers to Honest Questions Muslims Ask
-Reaching Muslims: How will they hear?
-Abu Shadin: Debate in Arabic with Shiite Muslim
-Contextualization: Biblical Perspectives and The Gospel in Culture--3 cassettes for $11
-Arabic Bibles also available: Injeel: $4.95, Whole Bible $12.95

We are happy to announce Kurdish scripture portions for sale on cassette tape: In Bahdini Kurdish, the gospel of Matthew, the gospel of John, and the book of Acts, and in Sorani Kurdish, the gospel of Luke. Most Kurds do not read, so they faith will come when someone reads the scriptures to them, the way that most people in history have heard and believed. Order from: Audio Scriptures Ministries, P.O. Box 460634, Escondido, CA 92046-0634 <> Send a check to Audio Scriptures Ministries when you make your order. Each of the 3 Bahdini readings is two cassettes, for a price of US$7.50. ($22.50 for all three). The Gospel of Luke in Sorani is a set of three cassettes, and costs $10.00 for a set. Source: "Bob Blincoe" <bob.blincoe@CCMAIL.LFA.COM>PIPER Worship & Mission, A Pastor's Strategy
Audio Cassette of John Piper from Mission Vision Network, PO Box 1631, Monrovia, CA 91017, Phone: (800) 268-0461, e-mail: [], . Send $5 cheque payable to Mission Aides Inc.

These tapes are all available free or on a donation basis from International Director's Office, P O Box 17, Bromley, Kent BR1 3JP ENGLAND Fax: 0181 777-0788 E-Mail:

When George [Verwer] returned from GCOWE, he gave a report to our team which was videoed and recorded in audio. We are sending out a 60 min. cassette tape report to those who request it. We would like people on your network to have access to receiving it if they want. As we mentioned, if people write to us, care of our e-mail address we will send the cassette tape report to them. Source: Vera Zabramski <>