List of Email conferences on Missions.

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ASIAN-MISSIONS is a new email network formed to facilitate networking & mobilising for Asian missions. Through this network we desire to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to Asian missions, share information and prayer items, encourage cooperation and partnership. To become a member of this email network you need to send a subscription request via email to <> with the following lines in the body of your message "subscribe asian-missions" From: ("Joel V David") FWD By:


Caleb Project, in close partnership with Interdev and other major international missions initiatives, has been working to assemble MINISTRY KEY CONTACT TEAMS assist Christians to link up with pioneer ministry among specific unreached peoples. This ongoing process has resulted in the formation of more than 40 teams of ministry leaders, people group advocates, partnership facilitators, and missions researchers who are committed to help the Body of Christ worldwide develop strategic ministry relationships for these strategic people groups. These are qualified, experienced, informed people with a good understanding of all aspects of ministry in their areas of focus, including the security issues. Please look through the attached list and consider contacting one or more of these key contact teams... For the most current list of Brigada Connections groups, send the following message to <>: conferences brigada-connections

The Brigada Connections project is a WORK IN PROGRESS! If you are part of a ministry key contact team for an unreached group, city, or area, or if you could provide other support for this project, please let us know <> and we'll contact you with more information about what is involved in this project...


CMDNet (New Zealand
From: Bob Hall <> Why not think about subscribing to CMDNet a New Zealand-based Internet electronic forum for sharing ideas, information, news and resources related to missions and mission mobilisation? It is sponsored and moderated by the Centre for Mission Direction. To "subscribe" simply send a "subscribe brigada-orgs-cmdnet" message (without the quotes) to the following Internet address Hub@Xc.Org. Leave the subject line blank. We look forward to meeting up with you there.


A subscriber to BOMM, Karen Knepp <> of Amarillo 1st AG Prayer Ministry, is redesigning the prayer ministry she has led for the last 8 years at her local church to make it a stand-alone ministry. "I send out a weekly mailing of our "Prayer Concerns" to...prayer warriors both on and off the Internet... I "glean" prayer requests / victory reports from all of our prayer warriors, the internet, wherever God opens a door. I also try to include encouraging materials with the prayer concerns on a regular basis. God seems to be leading me to put a special emphasis on those on the front lines -- our missionaries... The vision God had given my husband and I several years ago was to go beyond our own church walls with intercession/encouragement... I would very much appreciate it if you would pass my name along to anyone you feel might be interested in receiving our Prayer Concerns or might need a note of encouragement through postal mail... Please keep us in your prayers for God's strength, wisdom and direction... We welcome *all* prayer requests and victory reports


A missions-oriented e-mail list called lets children develop relationships with other children around the world. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to <>. From: ADVANCE! December 1997 <> (c) 1997, Kainos Press


The Lausanne Movement provides an e-mail conference on international Christian research issues and projects. To participate, send e-mail to with the following words in the body of the message: subscribe Lausanne-Research. Source: January 1997 Evangelical Missions Quarterly


information about missionary opportunities. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: with the phrase subscribe MissionNet followed by your Internet address.


The Singaporean-based 10-40 List moderated by Phillip Lim is planning to start a "Think Tank" service where people who are engaged in missions...could pool...thoughts together, informally, unofficially, via an E-mail Conference -- bouncing ideas, suggestions and strategies with each other, before "casting them in stone", in our respective organizations. Both panelists and subscribers will also be able to read all conference "papers" and selected comments and questions from subscribers, by visiting Phillip writes, "We are doing this in order to consolidate some of the relation to real problems being encountered in a Third World country. And we hope the outcome of our Think Tank discussions will benefit pastors, missions committee chairpersons, missions mobilizers, would-be missionaries, and others who are supporting missions with their offerings, so that they would be able to avoid pitfalls, as they venture into missions, especially in a cross-cultural situation." The first two topics for discussion are: 1) Relations between home-grown missions agencies in Indo-china and their overseas sponsors and 2) Selection, preparation and code of conduct of missions volunteers and long-term missionaries to those six Indo-china nations. To participate in this event, you will need to subscribe to Ten40-L by going to URL:


TICTALK is an e-mail conference dedicated to the practical application of technology in the global missions cause. To subscribe, send an e-mail to with only these words in the body of the message: subscribe tictalk.


World A Email list (Hylanders)
Christians engaged in or preparing for missions may join a free moderated e-mail discussion list that supports efforts in World A locations in Asia. For more information, send an e-mail to with these commands as the message: send goals send whatisit? send signup end