Designing your own email conference.


Set up your own e-mail conference through MAFxc: <> MAFxc is a ministry of MAF, Missionary Aviation Fellowship. It's a service that links you to ANY online subscriber (however, MAFxc is not an Internet service provider). MAFxc offers e-mail conferencing, e-mail forwarding, and web hosting.

E-mail Conferences: MAFxc is a tool for creating "community." MAFxc links people and opens the door to synergy. The information you find through a MAFxc conference may be the seed for something much larger than you expected. With MAFxc, you can create your own special interest group. For example, the Brigada family of conferences are MAFxc discussion groups for Christians interested in evangelizing unreached people groups. Any message you send by e-mail addressed to a conference, is received by each person who has subscribed to that particular conference. Within minutes you may receive a response to your question from one of the other participants in your conference.

What Equipment Do I Need? All you need is a computer and an existing e-mail account. Individual Membership: $52 per year (forwarding and conferencing) You may participate in any conference FREE of charge, but you must be a member of MAFxc to OWN your own conference.

MAF Link, P.O. Box 3202, Redlands, CA 92373 Tel: (909) 794-1151 Fax: (909) 794-3016 E-mail: <>


Question From: (Michael M Nakagawa) "Is there a place on the 'Net where people could talk in real time to each other and find out more about what is going on in the world?"

ANSWER From: Drew Krum <> Have you heard of IRC (Internet Relay Chat)? ...I believe that IRC will give you this type of functionality. You will need an IRC client (that's the piece of the puzzle for your end) and an IRC host (a server to allow clients to chat) - installing the client part should give you info on the server part (probably some kind of entry into a config setting). Netscape (at has an IRC client for its Navigator (I haven't used it, but do use their Navigator); there are also shareware clients available at many locations. I have not used IRC before, but know of someone who has... BTW, would chatting in real-time be advantageous to using the telephone? If so, how? why?