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Quarterly Magazine put out by the Windows International Network focusing on prayer and its results in the 10/40 Window. Free. 10/40 Reporter, P.O. Box 7287, Colorado Springs, CO 80933 Phone:719-522-1040 FAX:277-7148  Email:

A loosely-knit global network of mission agencies called "AD2000 and Beyond" has conferences all around the world focusing on completing the evangelization of the world. The head of the network, Luis Bush, occasionally writes reports on conferences he's been to, and distributes it. Free. To subscribe, send a blank message to

An occasional email magazine containing short newsclips from around the world, a sermonnette on missions, and information on mission-type resources like conferences and books. Does not contain source documentation with its newsbriefs. Mostly news from the 10-40 Window. Free. To subscribe, send a blank email addressed to <subscribe-advance-newsletter@XC.ORG>

An excellent (both in terms of color layout and in terms of textual content) magazine put out about once a week by the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. Includes challenging articles on Christian living as well as articles highlighting mission work. Also carries a religious news page, worship resources, book reviews, and a brief on an unreached people group ("Within our reach"). Price: $11/year. Write to Alliance Life, P.O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500

A Christian Journalist by the name of Dan Wooding writes fascinating stories, mostly based on interviews with various Christians leaders. Most of these involve foreign missions. They come out approximately once a week and are about the style and length of a feature newspaper article. Free. Write Dan at <> to ask to be added to his mailing list.

Email magazine that sends about 3 messages per week of about 2 pages each. Has an interactive feel to it, with questions and answers and shared lessons and information on missions. Also includes Reviews of mission resources and an optional weekly world newsbrief which carries stories from almost all of the other world news sources listed here. Free, although annual requests are made for donations to cover costs. To subscribe, fill out the form at HTTP://

The largest of the Brigada email conferences, this one sends a easy-to-read weekly digest of information from the many brigada sub-conferences. Free. Subscribe to Brigada-Today by sending a blank e-mail to

Printed Bulletin inserts with news capsules from the church worldwide. Published monthly by Tyndale House. Contact the Sales Dept at PO Box 80, Wheaton IL 60189, 800-323-9400. Fax 708-669-8905.

CMDNet is an electronic facility set up to share information and news of resources among those in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and beyond who are interested in or involved in cross-cultural missions. On Fridays, Cyber Chuckle is sent out. This provides some light-hearted relief at the end of the week. On Sundays, the CMDNet Weekly Update is sent out. This provides a summary of information relating to mission events and resources. To subscribe to CMDNet send an e-mail message to with the following text: subscribe brigada-orgs-cmdnet

A high-profile Christian magazine. Has a world news page as a regular feature and usually carries an article on missions. I think the cost is regularly about $42/year, but you can get it for half of that with a coupon torn from the middle of someone else's magazine. Christianity Today, Subscription Services, P.O. box 37059, Boone, IA 50037-0059

A professional, Christian news service reporting on persecution of Christians worldwide. Focus is on the 10-40 Window. Reports on persecution of all streams of Christianity, not just Protestants. There are three versions, one is a monthly compilation (perhaps 20 pages) of newspaper-length articles, one is an occasional News Flash containing only one newspaper-length article, and the third is a summarized version of the monthly compliation where all the articles have been edited for brevity. Cost about $30/year. Write Jeff Taylor at <> for an application form. Also available as a paper-mailing.

I also understand that the United Methodists and the Southern Baptists have email news conferences, but I don't know much about them.

FAX of the Apostles
Produced by Every Home for Christ as a service to believers who have a heart for the lost and a burden for prayer. FAX of the Apostles is available by FAX or e-mail. If you have a friend or prayer partner who would like to receive the FAX of the Apostles updates, contact: Every Home for Christ, Box 35930, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3593. Phone: (719) 260-8888. FAX: 719 260-7505. E-mail: Visit EHC's web site at:

Weekly world news from the DAWN Movement. Newsbriefs tend to be either reports on church-planting planning conferences or reports on miracles that happened in the course of mission work; stories are always exciting. Always gives the phone or fax number of an eyewitness. Covers news from all over the world, but tends to include more European news than most of the other sources listed here. Free. To subscribe, send an email to

A very brief, one-paragraph exciting bit of world news about how God's kingdom is advancing among unreached people put out by John Hanna <>. Free. It comes out weekly and is included as a regular column in _Brigada Today_ (see above).

This monthly magazine put out by the Frontier Prayer Fellowship (associated with the U.S. Center for World Mission) is a daily prayer guide giving a 1/2 page story along with a bible verse on mission and the name of an unreached people group to pray for. It is available as a paper magazine through the mail or as a daily post in an e-zine format. Once a month, a one-page summary is sent out called FrontierScan. The e-zine is free, but the paper version is $9/year. To subscribe to the paper version, write to Global Prayer Digest, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104. To subscribe by email, send a message addressed to <HUB@XC.ORG> with the following text: subscribe brigada-pubs-globalprayerdigest

Mission news from the India Missions Association about India. Weekly posting of several very brief articles covering updates on India-based mission work, conferences, politics, and human interest. Free. Send an email to <> asking to be subscribed.

Sign up for e-mail press releases with current prayer requests, news stories and other information from the Southern Baptists' influential IMB. <>

Monthly newsletter. Always has exciting news about the results of Jesus Film Showings around the world, often containing miraculous events. Free. Jesus Film Newsletter, P.O. Box 72007, San Clemente, CA 92674-9207

Twice-a-week digest compiled by a Dutchman, Marc Van der Woud, containing a few pages of some of the most exciting revival-type news items from around the world. About half its mission news is drawn from Friday Fax, Global Glimpse, Advance, etc., but the other half is from revival and spiritual awakening-type lists. Articles are well-chosen and organized. Also available in Dutch. Free. You can subscribe to JOEL-NEWS-INTERNATIONAL by sending an e-mail to: <> with the following command in the body of your message:
.....subscribe joel-news-international

The USCWM's bimonthly bulletin continues to uniquely serve the worldwide frontier missions movement, the International Adopt-A-People Campaign, the Perspectives movement and the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Each issue is packed with stimulating, in depth articles written by many of today's missiology experts. Sent to 95,000 people in 150 countries. Mission Frontiers is free upon a written postal request or by sending a suggested donation of $5.00 or more to: Mission Frontiers, Attn Sub. Services, 1605 E Elizabeth St, Pasadena CA 91104, (626) 398-2121. Receive by e-mail by sending a message containing to subscribe brigada-pubs-missionfrontiers

The latest, most compelling news about world missions. Individual Christians benefit by getting the news they need to help them pray, give, and even serve in world missions. Local churches will experience increased enthusiasm for missions among their people. Broadcast on radio stations throughout the world, also available on-line. 1159 E. Beltline NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525, <>

To Subscribe send emailTo:
Subject: <blank>First Line: subscribe MissionNet <your email address>

A monthly compilation of world mission-related news and resources prepared by Debbie Meroff, based with OM's International Coordinating Team in London, England. For a free e-mail subscription send a message to []

This one-page prayer guide comes out monthly with information and prayer requests from literally hundreds of different mission agencies with indigenous staff. One ministry is highlighted for each day of the month. Includes pictures of mission work being done around the world as well as requests for financial support. I've never seen anything like it; it looks like it would be a great tool for any prayer ministry! Contact: Christian Aid Mission, 3045 Ivy Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22903. Free. An email version can also be had from John Lindner <>

We highly reccommend World Pulse for mission-related news. There are exciting news briefs on Bosnia, Kenya, Nigeria, and others in their August 4 issue. This semi-monthly newsletter costs $25 (US) for an annual subscription. Write P.O. Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60189. Or Fax: 708-653-0520

Excellent newspaper-style magazine, quarterly distribution. Focuses on SIM's mission work in Africa, India, and South America. Permission to reprint articles must be gotten from the editor. Free. SIMUSA, 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241-7900

To Subscribe send email To:
Subject: <blank> First Line: subscribe stn
Send URGENT/IMPORTANT prayer requests FOR or FROM overseas Christian missionaries to SPEED@NETNET.NET or emergency FAX 414-468-5757. Dispatcher's phone: 414-465-8118/468-4065. If no response: Ron Smith at or 817-627-1774.

This conference gives world mission news from a Singaporean perspective. It sends a couple of articles each day, often from professional news sources regarding political events that affect the work of missions. Free. Subscription process involves a bit of filling out of forms; the best way to do it is to visit their web page at, but you can do it by email by writing to <> and requesting the application forms.

A monthly magazine from the organization founded by Richard Wurmbrand, focusing on the persecuted/ underground church, originally exclusively in Communist countries, but increasing focus is given to Muslim areas. Differs from _Compass Direct_ with a focus on Protestant evangelicals, lots of pictures, and great resources for action. Free. VOM, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005

About once a month newsletter from Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters in the U.S.--stories about Bible Translation, generally aimed at fund-raising. Free--it may be automatically given to people who make donations to a Wycliffe missionary. Wycliffe INSIDER, P.O. Box 2727, Huntington Bch., CA 92647 714-969-4608 (Wycliffe also puts out a great full-color magazine called _In Other Words_ but you can't re-publish articles from I.O.W.).

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