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FIA News - A team of four contributing editors is publishing an email newsletter designed to encourage the average Christian to "reach out" and befriend Muslims.
TARGET - average Christian who is ignorant of Islamic matters
GOAL - befriend Muslims and build relationships
METHOD - series of short newsletter articles
To subscribe, send email addressed to: containing the following command: "subscribe fia-news"

This monthly newsletter, edited by Quentin Schultze gives information about Christian sites on the Internet. The August 12, 1996 issue contains information on a variety of topics, including a few web pages dealing with each of the following subjects: youth ministry, Christian music bands, sexual-problems-related ministry, Bible studies-by-Internet (including one on "Experiencing God" <>), and Resources for pastors (including a storytelling homily service http://www., and WORLDWIDE RESOURCES FOR CHRISTIAN SMALL GROUPS The next issue is supposed to be about finding friends and fmaily on the Internet. An archive of past issues and a WWW version with a search engine are available at: To subscribe to the Internet for Christians Newsletter, send the message: SUBSCRIBE YOUREMAILADDRESS .to the following address: IFC-REQUEST@GOSPELCOM.NET Do not add anything else to the message, including the list name or your signature.


I've seen a few installments of the Marc Van der Woude's new email periodical entitled _Joel News_. It is a free, twice-a-week digest compiled by a Dutchman, containing a few pages of some of the most exciting revival-type news items from around the world. As far as I can tell, most of its mission news is drawn from sources Brigada readers will already be familiar with (Friday Fax, Global Glimpse, Advance, etc.), but about half the content is from revival and spiritual awakening-type lists. Articles are well-chosen and organized. Also available in Dutch. You can subscribe to JOEL-NEWS-INTERNATIONAL by sending an e-mail to: <> with the following command in the body of your message: subscribe joel-news-international More information on prayer and revival is available on the Joel News pages:


From: Justin Long <> The MissionWatch is a bi-weekly 4-page analysis letter whose purpose is to "cross-pollinate" ideas (ranging from fundraising to missions mobilization), between various ministries. Information is global in scope and up-to-date, culled from a variety of sources. An annual subscription is $25. However, we believe in the shareware principle: "Try before you buy, but if you use it, be honest and pay for it." If you send us your address, we'll be happy to send you two free copies. For more details, email to [JDavidLong@AOL.COM]. We scan all those news sources which you're maxed out, pick out the real gems - the ideas, the innovations, the news that really matters - and deliver it to your door in a bi-weekly newsletter that's easy to read. We write it in letter form, not as a newsletter. We write it to YOU. We bring you the things that you can use right now to make your ministry more successful in completing its mission. Moreover, we take ideas from everybody, big or small, without exception, and promote it across the board as widely as possible so that the whole body can work together. We believe in a simple motto: "One King, One Kingdom."As to preventing duplication, we have a simple solution: we are looking for ideas, innovations, models, case studies and examples. We are NOT a news source, although we do carry some news items. Rather, we analyze daily events and tell you how we--and those we talk with--think they can best be used. Due to recent price reductions in Internet services, and at the urging of our network of missionaries, The MissionWatch Report is now available via e-mail for free. Postal delivery is still $25/US, $50/International. To see a sample of the MissionWatch, or to view past archives, visit our web site at justin/justin.htm. If you'd like to subscribe, simply send a message to with the single line "subscribe missionwatch" in the body of the message.--From: (Justin Long)


We publish VISIONS OF GLORY MAGAZINE ONLINE [] on the Internet, which now reaches 35 nations and has nearly 2,000 on our e-mail list. [I just checked it out, and it's really sharp!~N.W.] On the Internet since last August, 1996, we have recently started a new feature area called BLOOD IN THE FIELDS. Our intent is to bring current news of persecuted and martyred Christians to our readers in the hope of awakening them to the persecuted church as our brothers and sisters. If you are able to send such news reports, please forward them to... Denise Kutsch... From: <>


Mark Kelley compiles Mission news and resources on an occasional basis. To subscribe, send a blank email addressed to <subscribe-advance-newsletter@XC.ORG> John Hanna <> encourages us to read them!


Kids Can Make a Difference can now be accessed on-line. The catalog is available and will be updated monthly. If you would like to subscribe (it's free) send an email message to with the following command only in your message:

Subscribe Kids-Can-Net <your email address>

Once subscribed you can access the catalog. You will receive a welcome informational greeting after you subscribe that describes the Kids-Can-Net conference and what kind of information will be generated through this conference.

This is a major breakthrough for me. I have prayed for this and wanted it for years. Spread the word!--Jan Bell <>