Bible Studies and curriculums on Missions

For Children's Curriculums, see AGE/CHILDResource

By Bill & Amy Stearns, Bethany House Pub. $7.25 per book or leader's guide RECOMMENDATIONS: (Christopher T. Vannoy) excellent - there is a teachers guide which is quite provoking and the material is a condensed version of Perspective on the World Christian Movement so it is rock solid. George Beals <> 12 chapters with notes, questions and a leaders guide (Brad and Sara Cronbaugh), (Art McCleary) Frank Tichy <> Some of the most exciting reading I've seen.

by Bob Sjogren YWAM Pub. $6 per book Video $125 RECOMMENDATIONS: (Christopher T. Vannoy) an outstanding Bible focused gem on missions. This is very encouraging. George Beals <>, (Brad & Sara Cronbaugh) The most stimulating study of Scripture I've ever experienced. Video, tape, or book format.

WITNESSES TO ALL THE WORLD: God's Heart for the Nations
Jim & Carol Plueddemann (president of SIM) have written a 9-chapter Bible study as part of the "Fisherman Bible Studyguide" series published in 1997 by Harold Shaw Publishers. (For those of you familiar with Caleb Proejct's START series, it is similar, but instead of studying and resonding to articles, it is a more of a direct Bible study.) They state "God has always commissioned his people to be a blessing and witness to others. From Genesis to Revelation his love for the nations is clear. This studyguide will enable you to see the world through God's eyes and will motivate you to get involved in the awesome andjoyful task of worldwide outreach." Format accommodates groups or individual needs and includes brief articles, Bible references, discussion questions, leader's notes, and application questions. This should be available through local Christian bookstores. RECOMMENDATIONS: Amy Barstad, Meg Crossman,

US Center for World Mission's Video Series $99 RECOMMENDATIONS: (Brad & Sara Cronbaugh) Frank Tichy < at internet> "20-25 minute video talks given by a number of the key lecturers from..."Perspectives". With its leader's guide and student manual, it is geared for a 12 week class." See Review Below.

START: Discovering and Implementing God's Global Purpose
Caleb Project $16 per student (Includes workbook and copy of McQuilkin's THE GREAT OMISSION.) 18 lessons. RECCOMMENDATIONS: Kevin Guttman <>, Greg Fritz <>,

By Neal Pirolo, Emmaus Road, International $6.45 per book, quantity discounts. Eight chapters; includes Group Study Guide. Available in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and British English through or <> RECCOMMENDATIONS: Kevin Guttman <>, Greg Fritz <>, GEORGE VERWER: "Every committed sender needs to get involved in distributing this book."

By Paul Borthwick, RECCOMMENDATIONS: Kevin Guttman <> Greg Fritz <>

A FORCE IN THE EARTH, Charismatics
13-Week study. Call AIMS 804-579-5850 RECCOMMENDATIONS: Kevin Guttman <> Greg Fritz <>

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU ACCEPT IT...An Introduction for World Christians
by Stephen Gaukroger, IVP RECCOMMENDATIONS: George Beals <> "I just picked up at Urbana '96 Seven chapters, questions and notes."

six videos and a curriculum guide, available through William Carey Library. RECCOMMENDATIONS: Frank Tichy < at internet>

Ron Luce of Teen Mania has just published a 13-week study guide called "10 Challenges of a World-Changer" through Thomas Nelson Pub. Teen Mania is very effective at reaching High-school age youth. Anybody else have details?--Submitted by <> based on a lead from <>

The Commission - Jan 1996 (Southern Baptist Mission magazine) Reports many of their new missionary candidates received a call to missions through their study of "Experiencing God". Furthermore, many of the translated versions (e.g. Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) have been used to renew national and worker's hearts and also help [people of other religions] to turn to Christ. You can call 800-458-2772 for more details.--Submitted by Amy Barstad <>

nine-session inductive Bible study on the thread of missions in the Bible, and "Young Hearts for Missions," a 12-lesson study for grades 1-5, are available from NextStep Resources. For more information, contact Fay at

InterVarsity Press published a dozen Bible Study booklets as the keystone resource for Urbana'90. These studies explore various "Global Issues" including Urbanization, Multi-Ethnicity, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Justice, Brokenness, Spiritual Conflict, Sanctity of Life, Technology, Voiceless People, Human Needs, Fundamentalism, and Leadership. I wrote reviews on all of them and you are welcome to ask for a copy for yourself. The reviews go over the content of each study, looking seriously at both the strengths and the weaknesses of each one. Send a SASE to Nate Wilson, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120

(FREE) Expository Bible studies are available from Grace Notes. The books of TITUS, RUTH, and EPHESIANS will be covered verse by verse in lessons distributed by e-mail. Each week you will receive either a verse-by-verse lesson covering three or four verses of the book or a topical or historical lesson related to the verses. Here is the schedule: RUTH will begin on November 10, 1995. TITUS will begin on December 1, 1995. EPHESIANS will begin on January 12, 1996. To register, send a request to: To get more information before registering: The courses are also available on the World Wide Web: Yours sincerely in Christ, Warren Doud

A CALL TO WITNESS: 12 Weeks Course in Muslim Evangelism
for groups of four to 12 students. 56 pp., $2. With additional three booklets and resource material, $4. For information, contact Life Challenge Africa, P.O. Box 50770, Nairobi, Kenya. Source: January 1997 Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Bible study for groups surveys biblical basis of missions. Six loose leaf studies. Includes leader's notes, background articles, study guide. E-mail: 100014, Source: January 1997 Evangelical Missions Quarterly

QUESTION From: Mike Fen <> Has anyone heard of a person, church or other ministry that has used the video U.S. Center curriculum "Vision for the Nations" (streamlined Perspectives) (not just one module, but all or most of the series). I'm wondering whether or not I should recommend this series for churches/people not yet ready or able do the full Perspectives thing.

ANSWER From: David Mays <102100.2020@CompuServe.COM> I think it's very good. The video sessions are all about 25 minutes. Technically they're quite well done. The content is excellent and the speakers, as might be expected, have varying degrees of sparkle, but all are good. The materials that go with it make it easy for the moderator. Good price at about $100. I don't know where else you can get this content in this form. I recommend it.

ANSWER From: Rick Reid <rick_reid@MENTORG.COM> We used the VFTN curriculum last summer as part of an age integrated sunday school class. Here's a quick + and - list:

+ Material was well done. The entire curriculum is designed to help move a class of people from no concept of God's global purpose to commitment to adopt a people.

+ We were able to compress the class from 1.5 hours to 1 hour per week. The material is design for at least 1.5 hours but we had a 1 hour slot.

+ Videos are easy to setup and Instructor notes are excellent. They allow adults who haven't been in an academic setting (I took Perspectives for credit) to get the same amount of exposure without the threat to having to do course work.

+ It accomplished what we set out to do, though we didn't accomplish what the series directed us to. That is we were not ready as a group to commit to an adopt-a-people strategy (but we are still working on it).

+ Cheap (our education director thought it was a bargan for a 13 week course.)

+ Reuse (we are showing parts of the series again as a follow-up)

+ The warning that accompanies the material is true.

- We really should have backed up one notch -- as the VFTN material was a bit advanced in that it wanted us to make a commitment, where we were just building vision.

- Most of the Videos are talking heads. Though excellent, it gets a bit tough to sit through for the MTV generation. (lesson 10 with Greg Livingston was our favorite, I showed it again recently as reminder.)

- We only had an hour

- We had high rotation. Because it was summer we rarely had the same people from week to week. Our core team was about 10.

- Though not denominationally centric, the series is very USCWM centric. (I only mention it as some in the class thought we were advocating to scrap the current mission program, which we weren't).

- Few participants were interested in reading the supplemental material (which would have increased our week to week discussions IMHO).

+ Those on the mission commit struggled the most with the material but also seem to benefitted the most.

+ It was a seed that was planted and now 9 months later we are starting to see a sprout come up! Amazing!