Strategy and Curricula for teaching Missions to very young children.

CATALOGUE: Kids for the World (First & Second Editions) by Gerry Dueck. A compilation of missions resources for children's ministry. A wonderful resource that let's you know what is available, how much it costs and who publishes it. William Carey Library, Publishers and Distributors of Missions Books and Material, P.O. Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91104 ISBN 0-87808-768-0. $11.00 159 pp. softcover

CATALOGUE: KidsCan Network Catalog -- 445 Webster Drive, York, PA 17402. Call toll-free at (800) 543-7554 (USA only); Fax at (717) 757-6103 (24 hours a day); or email at In the KidsCan Network Catalog you will find up-to-date resources for reading, games, activities, music, drama, and teaching curriculum (i?). REVIEW From: <> There is no guarantee that what will work with one group of children will work with another. There are many variables. Kids Can Make a Difference evaluates materials before we recommend them and whenever possible we ask questions to determine what they really need. Some items to check when evaluating materials: the date published, the type of activities (paper and pencil, coloring are low on kids' lists), how the material is to be presented. You can have a lot of information but if the teacher is not given creative ways to present the material, you can forget it. Ask questions about the children. Have they been prepared with missions thinking? Some kids have been well taught and are moving beyond the simulated airplane ride. You can always refer them to us for more in-depth help. We also provide a guarantee on our materials, if it isn't what they wanted after they get it they can return for a refund.

CATALOGUE: Missions Curriculum for Kids -- Crossroads Publications, P.O. Box 111475, Campbell, CA 95011 or call (408) 378-8858. Crossroads Publications offers affordable curriculums for Sunday Schools or VBS as well as a selection of four stories of children in the Third World which include a story, drawings for coloring, maps, country facts, and life applications.

CATALOGUE: Missions Idea Notebook. By Lenora Hambly. SIM Canada, 1361 Eastern Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2S2. (604) 941-2101. $1.75 + postage.

CATALOGUE: Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. This home school curriculum company was founded to meet the needs of missionaries. 10,000 families have used it both here and abroad. Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd., 8121 South Grant Way * Littleton, CO 80122-2701 * USA E-Mail: Phone: (303) 730-6292 FAX: (303) 795-8668


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52 Ways to teach Missions
Easy-to-do activities for Ages 4-12, by Nancy Williamson, 1996, Rainbow books. 81/2 x 11" paperback, 64 pages. Crafts, games, outreaches and more will teach your students to be missionaries in their own neighborhoods PLUS get them involved with your church's missionaries. US$7.50, Children's Mission Resources, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104. Source: Vol.19#3-4,


EVERYBODY OUGHT TO KNOW: 7 lessons for Pre-Schoolers, $30 + $4 S&H from Children's Missions Resource Center, 1509 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104 <>


Proclaiming Christ Around the Corner, Around the World
New "complete" missions curricula published by CEF Press. Programmed for pre-school through grade 6, it can be used in VBS, SS, or Children's Church. Contains Mission Hero stories, Bible lessons, visualized songs, and memory verses, crafts, posters, and much more. Call 1-800-748-7710 for more information. Source: Mission Frontiers Vol.19 #1-2,


Global Glove Puppets book
by Bev Gundersen. It has patterns and directions for 5 puppets representing the basic Unreached Peoples groups. (Preschoolers - 6th grade) Includes patterns, directions, plays, games, crafts, activities, songs, and snacks. $6.95. Available extra is the Puppet Kit which includes materials for making the puppets. $5.95 plus shipping. From Monarch Publishing <>