Financial support for mission mobilizers


By: <DALEPUGH@aol.com>, Forwarded through Steve Miller.

Back in 1983 I had asked a missionary how he was able to drive new trucks in Mexico when the rest of us were driving old junkers. He gave me these points and they have worked for vehicles as well as other ministry equipment:

1) Pray & Fast, pressing into the Lord to find out what kind of vehicle or equipment he wants you to have. When he shows you write it down.

2) Make a list of the things you believe God showed you that you need and pray over them daily.

3) Ask God for favor with people who are leaders and can help you realize those needs.

4) Believe the Lord to set up meetings with key people.

5) Pray that the supporters will ask you what you need.

6) Trust the Lord to show you what need to share with them.

7) Never beg for money.

8) Once the Lord shows you something, never back-off or change your mind. (James 1:3-8).

9) Be very thankful.

10) Don't be embarassed; be humble. Simply stating that you need help to do God's will is scriptural since a soldier does not send himself to war at his own expense.

11) Pray for all your supporters to be blessed and that they will have abundant supply.

12) Freely share what you have.

Since I began thinking and acting along these lines I have been able to do the Lord's will much better. I see that the enemy of our souls is a thief and would like us to live in poverty and not have the means to do God's will. I hope these things help you in your life and ministry. ~Dale Pugh



Question From: Nate Wilson <NWilson@CProject.com> 08 Apr 96 What means are effective and appropriate for generating income for mission mobilizers? How do those on faith-support maintain a good attitude concerning finances (or lack thereof)?

ANSWER From: Francine Graham <76503.51@compuserve.com>`

..I have talked with countless missionaries that we know and also to ladies in our church whose husbands have lost their jobs; and it is the women who struggle the most, albeit in a different way than the husband.

You have hit the nail right on the head about the Church not wanting to support missions mobilizers. Somehow, they feel like that we are not true career missionaries. Allan and I face this quite often, since he is based in Stone Mountain, GA, and not in Bora Bora. In this respect, it is difficult to get a "foot in the door" with missions committees. The fact that Allan takes short term teams to other countries, makes him "international" in most folks eyes; so this has made it somewhat easier for us. However, we are and have never been fully supported financially...

I know this will sound simplistic and spiritualistic; but I am going to say it anyway. Our source is the Lord - he only uses individuals and churches as instruments of giving. It's funny but the support NEVER comes from where or whom we expect. We were in the Sprinkler System business before the ministry and it was no different then - only the instruments were usually jobs rather than gifts (though we received gifts, anonymously and not anonymously, that met each need as it came up.) I could you tell you incident after incident of supernatural ways that our needs were met. With usually less than 70% support, the Lord has met EVERY need and even some wants. The Lord has used these times for us to give Glory to Him...

I will be accompanying Allan and a church on a short-term trip to Costa Rica this month. About three weeks ago, I found out that I was $100 short on my necessary money to be sent to this church for me to go. I had exhausted all my funds and did not have the money. However, the Lord had provided the other $730; so I saw no reason why He would not provide the last $100...I found out about the shortage on a Friday. I told no one, only the Lord. On Monday, I received a little note in the mail from a lady that I have not seen in six years. She wrote in the note that she had meant to "do this" for a long time and that she hoped the "timing was right." In that note was tucked a crisp, new $100 bill. I cried and praised the Lord. I then promptly called her - she cried and praised the Lord.

This incident is but one of many ways that the Lord has met every need - most are not so dramatic. As the wife of a "mobilizer," I have learned to look to the Lord - not my husband's expertise, not supporters as such, not to my own devices. The Lord always leads if we search His Word and listen to what He has to say in it. People and churches are supporting us tangibly; but it is definitely the moving of the Holy Spirit that has led most of these entities to do so. We can do no less than to totally give Him the credit.

How does a "mobilizer" raise funds? Just keep on motivating the growing body of Jesus Christ to serve Him through world evangelization, as the Lord has led you to do. Direct energy to serving Him, not trying to drum up support. Support will come - just not necessarily on our terms.

ANSWER From: Ken Warwick 70413.1743@CompuServe.com`

I would first of all say that it is not just professional para-church mobilizers who eventually face this difficulty but even those of us who work in the context of a denomination (Note: The Evangelical Free Church of America is not a typical denomination in that funds do not come automatically from member congregations but missionaries raise support just like in any other para-church situation.... and in this rapidly growing group, denominational loyalty is not a big factor) I worked for 5 years in mobilizing in Northern California and I am now working out of our main office in MN to coordinate our short-term ministries.

Let me go on to [question] number 2 before sharing my strategy. I think the key for me in this area is knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has called you to a particular ministry. We initially came back to the US because of my youngest daughter's deafness but I believe now through mobilization work, I will have a far greater impact for the Kingdom than I would have had in a church planting ministry... well, I don't need to give you the pitch for why mobilizers are strategic folks to have around :-) But in the final analysis, if you are where God wants you.... all the other issues are in perspective.... sounds simplistic but a native Northern Californian would not have moved his family to the tundra of Minnesnowta were that not the case.

Appropriate strategy - My supporters have been very positive about me becoming a tentmaker. Even those who have turned me down in terms of becoming customers have written great letters of encouragement. So here's a short form...


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The two answers above represent a "faith-support" paradigm and a "tentmaking" paradigm--there are a lot of good opportunities to make residual income with limited time through direct-marketing phone services. I'm also familiar with the "local church" paradigm of support where a mobilizer simply joins staff of a local church and goes onto their payroll. There is another "profesional consultant" paradigm where the mobilizer positions himself as a hired consultant, so that mission agencies or local churches that he serves pay him for his services.--NW

ANSWER From: crossm_m@aztec.asu.edu (Meg Crossman)`

Part of our job as mobilizers is to help others understand what mobilization is. It also is to be sacrificial in our service. I agree that tentmaking may be a good model for this--one of the couples who took Perspectives here several years ago has started a software service called Gen 12 and they use the money to help with all kinds of missions and mobilzation projects.

Francine Graham is right, that you have to also lean into the Lord--He is incredibly faithful. I essentially have no income but the Lord has continually provided for the funds I need to get to conferences, board meetings, etc. and to support other missionaries as well. Let's tell the truth. Sometimes people aren't supported because the Body of Christ does not see fruit enough in their ministry to make it worth investing in! Thanks, MEG